This Week. . .

Superbowl in South Florida? What Superbowl?

Anyway, tomorrow's Passing Notes (Friday @ 7:06 pm on 88.9 FM Serious Jazz) concerns the future of music, so to speak. I like to think it's timely in light of recent activities by the Recording Industry Artists of America and similar organizations. Check a sampling of the following news items:

"The RIAA May Send A SWAT Team To Bust Down Your Door"

"Senators aim to restrict Net, satellite radio recording"

"Music industry threatens ISPs over piracy"

"Ailing music biz set to relax digital restrictions"

On Saturday's Early Jazz Weekend Session, we have the Big Six Blues Set from, of course, 6:00 to 7:00 am. Sometime before I finish the show at 9:00 we'll have a set in tribute to Alice Coltrane.

On Sunday's EJW, we'll have sets to say thank you to some of the birthday boys of the week -- Gene Krupa, Jeff "Tain" Watts, and Cedar Walton.

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