This Week. . .

Where did all the rich people go? Yes, the Superbowl has left Miami and, really, nothing needed to go back to normal because very little was different for most of us South Floridians during the week of the big game. It rained some; I don't think football had anything to do with that, however.

This week's Passing Notes (Friday 7:06 pm on 88.9 FM Serious Jazz) is a dual review of Richard Dawkin's bestselling critique of religion, The God Delusion and the documentary film Jesus Camp, recently released on DVD. We're looking for some constructive common ground, here.

Saturday will feature another edition of Straight, No Chaser: The New Music Hour (8:00 to 9:00 am on on 88.9 FM Serious Jazz) with Ed Blanco and myself. Right now I'm still working out my picks, but Ed as usual is all over the latest releases and has got a great list drawn up. Finally, we've got a wide array of stuff to choose from now that the holiday grot has been cleared from the pipeline. SNC follows, as always, a pretty regular show of blues and jazz for Early Jazz Weekend, which starts at 6:00 am.

Sunday's EJW will be laid back. Memphis sounds and country blues in the Big Six Blues Set, with a healthy dose of Bird, Trane, and Miles. I'm kicking back this weekend.

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