This Week

The national sports spotlight falls on Miami again (but briefly) as former Miami Heat player Tim Hardaway lets the world know he’s homophobic. I can’t resist. This week’s Passing Notes has the title, “Hardaway Fears Teh Ghey,” and can be heard at 7:06 pm Friday night on 88.9 FM in Miami and in streaming audio magic on SeriousJazz.org.

Early Jazz Weekend looks to be pretty much open, aside from a little Henry Threadgill on Saturday’s show – in tribute to the avant-everything composer’s birthday this past week. We’ve got the Big Six Blues set both Saturday and Sunday, and the usual mix of jazz and funk.

Next week, we’ll roll out a fresh review of the latest novel from Tim Dorsey, a twisted tale called Hurricane Punch. I have posted a review of an earlier novel of Tim's here for your consideration.

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