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As a Red Sox fan, I've had the pleasure of following the Sox on TV or radio and reading Gordon Edes real-time tweets from wherever he may be, at the ballpark or watching NESN.  On Thursday night, over the course of the game versus the Blue Jays, a wave of tweets concerning just how tough Adrian Beltre is -- along the line of the "Chuck Norris Facts" of a few years back.  No doubt there's some copying from one meme to the other, but here are some of my favorites.

  • They wanted to name a street after Beltre. He said no. Nobody crosses Adrian Beltre.
  • Beltre doesn’t get caught looking. He allows baseballs to live.
  • When Jays wanted to open roof, they asked Beltre to hit popup in batting practice.
  • Adrian Beltre hasn't made 15 errors, the official scorers have.
  • When Brian Bosworth was flattened by Bo Jackson, he said, "I'm just thankful it wasn't Beltre."
  • Adrian Beltre has never hit into a fielder's choice. The choice is up to him.
  • When Adrian Beltre does a postgame interviews, he asks the questions.
  • Sly Stallone offered Adrian Beltre the lead in "The Expendables." He declined, saying he prefers tough-guy movies.
  • Adrian Beltre used to bench-press Ichiro before Mariners games.
  • The last time Adrian Beltre took BP, Tony Hayward resigned as CEO.
  • Adrian Beltre can touch MC Hammer.
Rob Bradford at WEEI wrote a story last month about how Beltre got so tough, and he collected another list of  Adrian Beltre facts -- sorry for the repeats. Enjoy, but don't laugh too hard.  Beltre will hear you.

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samara said...

1 more for the road - a bad tire has waits until adrian beltre gets out of the car before it blows.

samara said...

take two - a bad tire waits until adrian beltre gets out of the car before it blows.