Review of Sunday Morning by Randy Klein on eJazzNews

This just in -- my review of Randy Klein's excellent album of jazz duets, Sunday Morning, has been posted on eJazzNews.  This gets me up to date in working through my pile of CD's and into the August releases.  Coming up, CD reviews of Suresh Singaratnam, John Escreet, Mike Mainieri, and Ethan Mann, as well as a book review of Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original and the return to the airwaves of Passing Notes.  I've added a collection of videos on YouTube, and as soon as my technical genius Shawn Adderly returns to town, we'll follow up our broadcasts each week with a "Passing Notes - Uncut" podcast available through iTunes.  And I'm off to enjoy the rest of Sunday!

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1 comment:

Ruth said...

Your review of Sunday Morning echoes my thoughts completely. It's a great album -- and I enjoy it every day of the week!