Reader's Notes - That's A Stabbin'!

Flaming hat: Perfectly acceptable.
From the wilds of redneck New England -- hey, I grew up there -- we have the slightly funny but mostly awful story of an actual stabbing of a Yankee fan by a Red Sox fan at a restaurant named -- wait for it -- the Chowder Pot in Branford, Connecticut.  Now, those of us in Red Sox Nation (the real fans, not the Pink Hats) know that most Yankee fans are obnoxious, unimaginative, front-running wankers, but do we really need to go and get all stabby on a guy?  (The answer, for those of you in the Nation who can't quite work it out for yourselves, is, "No.  No it is not acceptable to stab a Yankee fan.  Not with a knife.")  Check out the Chowder Pot website for the awesome tunes and jumping fish -- wait, isn't that Nemo?  And Dorrie?

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