Eater's Notes - The Twelve Sandwiches of Christmas

     I spent a full summer in London during 2004. British food, I have say, for the most part, leaves much to be desired.  Good ales, great sweets, and decent Indian food -- but not as good as you would think on that last item, as it seemed a little bland to me, toned down for the English palate.  At any rate, just around the corner from my flat on Goodge Street was a Sainbury's -- just another big supermarket chain, but with at least one significant difference: The Sandwich Aisle.  It was an Aisle Entirely Made Up Of Sandwiches.  One can find the same sort of thing at Marks & Spencer and Tesco.
   These days, I have my Google Reader rigged to forward my all kinds of stuff, and one of my news alerts is set to send me any and all items related to sandwiches.  As I expected, most of the world's sandwich news comes from England.  The sun may have set on the British Empire, but it will never sit on a UK prawn mayonnaise sammie.  Although I have, personally, sat on one.  Very messy indeed.
     In honor of the holiday season, I present a rather healthy list from The Telegraph, "The 12 Sandwiches of Christmas."  Nom nom nom.

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