PN Unscripted - Greil Marcus on 'Bob Dylan: Writings 1968-2010'

As promised, here's the full podcast of my long talk with Greil Marcus about his new collection of writings on Bob Dylan.  We covered the long, legendary, frustrating, and ultimately redemptive career of Dylan, his roots and his approach to performances, as well as his relationship to The Band.  Along the way, we chatted about the tradition of the minstrel show, about Al Jolson, and, as always, Marcus hiply dropped the names of some musical acts -- that is, those that he sees as having a comparable sense of roots to Dylan's  We even managed to dig into the WDNA music library and play some blues and jazz that Greil Marcus thinks about when he thinks about Dylan.  Bob Dylan - Writings 1968 to 2010 is published by Public Affairs.

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