Eater's Notes - The Kwanzaa Cake of Questionable Intent

Sandra Lee's demonstration of white-girl kuumba
I wish you all a happy belated Hanukkah, a merry Christmas, and, tomorrow, an auspicious start to Kwanzaa.  With all the goodies and gifts abounding, my gift to you is a cautionary tale -- a video actually.  From a few years back on the Food Network, we have a video of Sandra Lee throwing together some sort of a cake in honor of Kwanzaa.  Wait for the last few moments when Ms. Lee takes a bite of her creation.  Although this is by no means a fresh video, it's a holiday favorite around the house, where the cake itself is known as "an edible hate crime."  As one commentator has offered, ""If I was black, I'd ask for some reparations after watching this!"

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