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Freedom Jazz Dance, Miles Davis Quintet, Miles Smiles
A Shine On Your Shoes, Jane Monheit, Home
The Witching Hour, Russell Malone, Triple Play
Take Out Queen, Wendy Pederson, Miami Jazz Co-op
Groovin High, Billy Taylor, from The Subject is Jazz
Show Me, Billy Taylor, My Fair Lady Covers Jazz
Looking Up, Billy Taylor, It's A Matter of Pride
Four, Billy Taylor, from Jazz and The Young Performer
Welcome Back, Jared Gold, Supersonic
Black Coffee, Gwilym Simcock, Blues Vignette
Basehead, Corey Harris, Greens From The Garden
Hootie Blues, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, American Music - Texas Style
Super American, The Bad Plus, Never Stop
Blue Rondo A La Raad, Glen Ackerman, The Glenious Inner Planet
Swiss Cheese D, Ben Allison and Medicine Wheel, Riding the Nuclear Tiger
Just Three, Negroni's Trio, Just Three
Peripheral Fission, Suresh Singaratnam, Lost in New York

Thanks to Bret Primrack -- AKA Jazz Video Guy -- for uploading the content that became Billy Taylor's "narrative" over his tribute set.

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