Reader's Notes - Wikipedia: The Real Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Why all the haters?  In essence, this is the question about Wikipdia posed and answered by Peter Gill of the UK Guardian.  While Wikipedia is still largely viewed inside the academy with suspicion, if not downright derision, I'll be the first to admit that often, as someone who writes about popular culture, Wikipedia is invaluable, and, to my eye, continues to get better as more and more people use it and, consequently, help fact-check and edit its content.  While, certainly, in many fields it's best to use edited and sourced materials from reliable publishers, if you're interested in the fast-moving infoverse, Wikipedia is essential.  If more people joined in the writing and editing of the Wiki, it might just turn into that authoritative guide to everything -- from jelly beans to Jim Crow to the Jem'hadar - envisioned by Douglas Adams.

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