Nerd Notes - Star Trek 2

The New Trek Trinity by Barbie: Spock, Kirk, Uhura
In a week full of juicy nerd stuff floating around, it was a challenge to settle on something that would be just enough out-of-the-way for the Notes.  A side-by-side comparison of the trailers upcoming Marvel superhero films of the summer -- Thor versus Captain America? The prospect of a feature film about The Flash and a sequel to the Green Lantern?  The return of the Fantastic Four -- sort of?  The moral panic on Fox News about the upcoming video game Bulletstorm?  I'm going to pass on all of these and point you in the direction of GeekDad's Matt Blum, who offers some opinions about who he'd like to see in the planned sequel to the rebooted Star Trek franchise.  I'm not one to make predictions, but I would expect to see much more screen time for Uhura (who will become part of the Big Three, replacing Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the Trek Trinity with Kirk and Spock) and, no shocker here, Klingons.  Rebooted, badass Klingons.

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