Mort-Vivant Walks Alone!

With my fall break over and done with, I've been hard at work listening, watching, reading, and lining up interviews for Passing Notes.  Rather than jinx any developing pieces, I'll let them appear as they will week-by-week, although you're free to sign up for the Passing Notes weekly newsletter to get a hint of things to come.  There's links of all sorts to the right and below if you want to follow the Notes regularly.

Today, I'm officially spinning off the zombie blog, Mort-Vivant, with a review of George Romero's 1985 movie Day of the Dead, to be followed tomorrow by a piece on Return of the Living Dead.  After that, I'll be reviewing in quick succession each episode of Season One of AMC's series The Walking Dead, all in preparation for the Season Two premiere on October 16.

I'll continue to write about books and music several times a week here at Passing Notes, and the Friday radio feature will continue as always.  Be well!

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