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Accept my apologies if you've seen these websites before, but in my recent wanderings around the Internet, I came across a few sites that struck me as cool.  I'm trusting that if you follow Passing Notes, you might find them fun as well.

For music lovers in particular, we have Setlist.fm, which keeps track of the songs played by particular musical artists in live settings over the years.  Can't remember which song Phish played to close out its December 30, 1993 show in Portland, Maine?  That would be Led Zeppelin's "Good Times, Bad Times." Want to know which song Medeski Martin and Wood are most likely to play in concert?  That would be Chubb Sub.  As a crowdsouced site, it's not perfect and it's not complete, but you can certainly learn a lot from checking out, say, how Miles Davis evolved as a live performer over the years.  Go to Setlist.fm.

In the much bigger picture, you can observe real time numbers of real world statistics at Worldometers, which tracks numbers like population, government and economics, society and media, the environment, food and water, and many other totals.  Some numbers move fast, some move slow. By the time you read this blog entry, for instance, it will be one of almost 3 million posted for today alone.  Sigh.  Go to Worldometers.info.

And finally, for those of you who are so Internet savvy as to have your own domain name, you can check out the value of the domain name itself at 13review.com.  The value of the domain name most people use to get to this website, markehayes.net, registers at the bottom of the barrel with a value of $8.95, about what I pay to have it registered every year.  So I have that.  Milesdavis.com is worth $480.  Money.com is a whopping $138 million.  Who knows what you or your stuff is worth in the world of domain names?  Go to 13review.com.

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