Digital Notes - Vintage Games Online

From BuzzFeed this morning is a sure time-waster: a list of the 23 Best Vintage Video Games that you can play online.  If you are old enough (but not too old) to remember Mega Man X, Duke Nukem 3D, StarFox, Doom, Sonic2, and best of them all the original Super Mario Cart, then you'll enjoy these online emulations of classic titles.  I suppose most of these games from from the 16-bit era, just before the console wars began to take off and gaming started being huge as a genre of entertainment.  Just for fun, I've also included a vintage internet meme in the spirit of those games, the original "All Your Base" video. Remember, keep the sound down and CTRL-ALT-TAB is your friend.  Have some Fritos and Mountain Dew handy, too.

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