Sunday Time Warp - Playlist 3/9/14

Song, Artist, Album

Pusherman/Superfly, Dave Stryker, Eight Track
Reflex, Omaha Diner, Omaha Diner
Let's Go!, Cory Weeds Quintet, Let's Go!
The Uptown Shuffle, Vincent Herring, The Uptown Shuffle

Mutation IX: Descent, Vijay Iyer, Mutations
Mutation VII: Kernel, Vijay Iyer, Mutations
Spellbound and Sacrosanct Cowrie Shells and the Shimmering Sea, Vijay Iyer, Mutations
Naima, Turtle Island Quartet, A Love Supreme: The Legacy of John Coltrane

Blues Connotation, Ornette Coleman, This Is Our Music
Devil's Got To Burn, James Blood Ulmer, Birthright
Blue Monk, Thelonious Monk Quartet, Thelonious in Action

Cosmic Shuffle, Matthew Shipp, Piano Sutras
Tales (8 Whispers), Cecil Taylor, Unit Structures
Never Remember, Kneebody, Kneebody
Freedom Jazz Dance, Taylor Eigsti, Lucky To Be Me

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