Throughts on the First Show

The first ever segment of "Straight, No Chaser" has come and gone, and after weeks of preparation and anticipation, Ed and I were happy with the results. While naturally it wasn't entirely bump-free, Ed was relaxed and as smart as ever on the air. If he was nervous, which he said he was, it didn't appear so to me. From the production side, I had a little glitch with a CD I had (supposedly) burned, but luckily was able to sprint out to the car where I had suitable backup music. Ah, the thrills of live radio.

You'll note in the picture (above right) that Ed and I wore the caps of our respective native baseball teams. Unlike many bandwagon Yankee fans, Ed's been following the Bronx Bombers for decades, so in my book he's all right. He even said some nice things about the Red Sox '04 championship team. And we both agree that A-Rod is a -- well, a person a questionable quality, although I believe we used more colorful language at the time.

The playlist from SNC is not included in today's other posting from Early Jazz Weekend. You will be able to find the SNC set list along with capsule reviews from both Ed and me on Monday -- maybe Sunday night -- on a regular basis. We took so much time to find the music, we both feel it's worth it to say a little more about our picks.

All in all, we had a lot of fun today. Be sure to tune in two weeks from today (January 27) for the next edition of Straight, No Chaser.

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