Eater's Notes - Chowing Down I-95

Bobby O's in Dupont, PA
When I travel -- alone or with the family -- I really prefer to drive.  Flying with toddlers isn't much fun for anybody, and rolling along in our big van gives the kids, my wife, and I the chance to stop when we want, stretch our legs, and, if we pick our spots properly, find a nice independent restaurant at which to chow down.  This summer we found a place in Dupont, PA off Interstate 81 called Bobby O's that had excellent cheesesteaks, a pickle bar, and 101 flavors of milkshake. A story today on NPR about where to eat along I-95 put me in mind of the Hayes Family taste for road food.  Feel free to leave a comment mentioning your own secret special road food stop anywhere off the main thoroughfares.

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