Housekeeping: Redesign, Video, Networked Blogs, Goodreads

A little digital housekeeping this weekend.  First of all, as you can see the website's been redesigned a little to alllow for easier reading and a slightly wider format for better display of images and video.

Through Facebook, the Notes is now available through Networked Blogs -- you can follow us through that feed if you like.

A fellow book-lover introduced me to the Goodreads social networking site, so if you're a member feel free to add me.

And, although it's just a starting point now, but we've started a channel on YouTube -- Passing Notes Video -- as a place to eventually deliver sound and image.  For now, it's a growing collection of video of jazz and blues performers, as well as a few interviews and lectures with authors of note.  We'll be adding video clips each week -- subscribe or friend us through your YouTube account and enjoy watching along with the PN gang.

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