Eater's Notes - Pizza Eggs

As a lover of weekend food indulgences, my ears perked up at a passing moment in an episode of Weeds, when (in a videotaped "flashback") Shane asks his father if he'll make pizza eggs for breakfast. I usually make pizza from scratch about once a week, so there's often leftover pizza in the fridge -- although it doesn't stay long. In searching the internet, I found many recipes that weren't quite right -- pizza with eggs on them, breakfast pizzas, and the like.  What I understand pizza eggs to be, as I'd heard the term before, is a really savory french toast -- good for little kids and also good for those mornings when you might accompany the dish with a Bloody Mary, if you know what I mean.  I attach the recipe that I use, but offer the additional note that, if you can, try to use a pizza with an airy crust -- not flat and crispy and not Chicago-style -- as you'll want the bread to soak up the egg, as with a good french toast.  Also, it's not a bad idea to let the pizza and eggs get to room temperature before you start.  Happy weekend mornings to you!

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