Reader's Notes - The Philosophy of the Tea Party

Tea Party rally in Washington DC on September 12, 2010
I'm not saying I'm voting for any candidates who talk the talk or walk the walk of the Tea Party, but there will be people out there who do.  An interesting article on Literary Kicks does the work of listening for some of the more fundamental ideas amid the Tea Party rhetoric -- ideas that might appeal to citizens who aren't turned away by the race-baiting and xenophobia and Constantinian Christianity.  Those substantive key ideas -- libertarianism, constitutional originalism, and militarism -- I find disagreeable as well, and wrapped up with the rest of the intolerance and outrage.  Levi Asher of LitKicks, regardless, breaks down the political substance that is there -- all the better to have a real debate about real issues in November, rather than a mutual mudslinging match.  One can always hope.

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