Eater's Noters - Arbetter Hot Dogs and Frankie's Pizza

   There's a fine story today in the different Miami Herald neighborhood sections about two longtime joints -- Frankie's Pizza and Arbetter Hot Dogs -- that have been area favorites since Bird Road was was a dirt road. And there's none of that Pat's and Gino's nonsense.
   The best anecdote of the bunch is about how the Arbetters, the family of Red Sox fans that serves all those dogs, is how since 1960, they'd been promising to give away free baked beans the day after the Sox won the World Series.  Well, you all know what happened in 2004. (By the way, it's been good to see the Yankees bounced from the playoffs this year.)
    At any rate, here's the link to the article.  If you're in South Florida and haven't been to Frankie's or Arbetter, be sure to stop by.  But please, don't ever ever put ketchup on a hot dog.  People have to stop doing that.  Mustard, relish, kraut, chili, onions -- but no ketchup.

Hot dog heaven in a precrepuscular luminescence. Note the lack of ketchup.

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