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The ubiquitous Donna M
   A very cool development of social media is the global knitting together of fans, experts, insiders, and practitioners across the arts. What's different about the information age is that there are far fewer intermediaries, as well as opportunities for new people who understand the new media.  Jazz artists and fans, who sometimes feel like they are far and few between, are always looking for those who share an interest in the music.
    One of the leaders in the world of "internet jazz" is Donna Mercer, who has monster Twitter chops and doesn't miss a much of what's to be found in the mediaverse.  Over the past two weeks, she's helped knit together the online jazz community by posting a comprehensive list of jazz on Twitter.  
   Check it out -- starting with 0-9 and the letter A.  And tweet Donna M if you can, as well, @ElementsOfJazz.  If you're not on the list yet and you have a professional interest in the music, she'll be happy to add you.

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Donna said...


Thank you so much for posting info about the Jazzerati list on Twitter! I truly appreciate your kind words.

Best regards,
"The ubiquitous Donna M" :D