Reader's Notes - Float Magazine

Joan is really this cool.  You try this some time, smart guy.
A quick plug for a former student of mine and a young woman I never had the good fortune to teach -- Joan and Nadia, respectively -- who have started Float, a place for music fans by music fans.  Joan (see the cool pic at left) was impressed several years ago when some of her teachers suggested that yes, if she really wanted to, she could write about things like music and movies and television.  Just be obsessed and keep working at it.  So: remember: Float Magazine.  Why don't you float on over right now?  Here's your challenge: Find the cool picture of Nadia.

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1 comment:

Joan said...

Totally just came across this by accident. Thank you so much Mr.Hayes. Means a ton. Hope all is well!

ps:the cool picture of Nadia is on the page under "meet the editors" haha