Listener's Notes - Sammy Figueroa

Monica Uszerowicz of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times has an excellent article about Sammy Figueroa's playing here and there with a number of music legends, and what his musicianship brings to a performance. The piece features five videos for your viewing and listening pleasure, and is, in part, advance notice of Sammy's March 5 performance at Pineapple Groove.

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1 comment:

Dewey said...

Nice video links in the article; we're real lucky to have Sammy Figueroa live in the WDNA studio each week - in the course of a single show, he will play a wider gamut of essential and delicious percussion-driven music than you might ever hear in any other single space; and of course, his own playing, which he downplays on the show, stands right up there at the top all over the place. "In Walked Sammy" - yes indeed!