PN 128 (Rebroadcast) - I Was A Teenage Jazz Curmudgeon

I catch my breath this week while WDNA offers a rebroadcast of a piece from the fall, "I Was A Teenage Jazz Curmudgeon," an apology of sorts to Kenny G.  What do I need to apologize for?  There was this blog entry from several years ago, "Why Kenny G Sucks," that's probably a good place to start, as well as some more crankiness about the idea of authenticity.  A long-winded audio review of Charlie Parr's excellent album Rooster should do the trick.  But much of my earlier, grumpier thinking about music and criticism has arrived at a point of balance, brought about by the always-reliable Wynton Marsalis.  Tune in today at 11:05 am on 88.9 FM WDNA in South Florida or online at wdna.org.

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