Hardball, Zombies, and Mysteries of Suburbia

Slices of the PN pie for all. . .
      Passing Notes is about at the halfway point for this "relaunch year," which, because of the academic calendar by which I live my civilian life, runs from August to August. In terms of traffic, we've moved well past 2000 views a month, which was an initial goal, and downloads on iTunes and listeners on WDNA have been rising steadily.  If you do listen to Passing Notes on iTunes from time to time, do me a favor and leave a review -- good or bad!
     In order to better serve the different groups of people that have responded to Passing Notes, I'm spinning off a few areas of content, with more mainstream books, film, food, comics, and a variety of musical interests being pursed as usual here at the Notes.  Up until August of 2011, however, most content will be cross-posted to both Passing Notes and three new spots.

  •      Barcalounge Skipper will be a new home (but an old name) for writing about baseball and other sports.  During the baseball season, the plan is to write about at least one game a week -- eschewing Red Sox-Yankees nonsense as much as possible,
  •      Mort-Vivant will be a new place to find writing about zombies -- movies, comics, books, and television shows about this particular species of undead. The single article I wrote about The Walking Dead comics has proved extremely popular, so it's zombies ahoy!
  •      Mysteries of Suburbia will host short, random things -- some of which might be funny, most of which will be strange or stupid and in questionable taste.
     Thanks for reading and listening.

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