Supporting Public Radio and WDNA

     As I write this morning, debate is happening in Congress as to the funding fate of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports, among other things, the independent community radio station, WDNA, which has given me so much great music over the years and which broadcasts these very Passing Notes each week.
     WDNA began its spring membership drive this week, and with the likelihood of almost half of its funding being cut off should the CPB disappear, the need for donations and new members to the station is more serious than ever.  Because the station is not an NPR affiliate, nor is it affiliated with any other institution in South Florida (the school board or a university, for instance), WDNA exercises an uncommon degree of independence.  The vast majority of its programming is locally produced.  To help the station continue its distinctive mission and build for the the future, your support is needed more than ever.  If you can donate to the station or become a new member, please do so.
     In the bigger picture, if you can take the time to write your member of Congress and voice your support of public broadcasting and your opposition to cuts and eliminations to such programs, here's a link to follow for taking that step.
    Thanks for reading, listening, and supporting the work of public media in all the ways you do!

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