Guest Host - Jazz Cafe, 6/5

Now that summer in upon us (in Florida, summer in also known as "hurricane season"), I've got some time on my hands, and I'll be filling in for my friends over at WDNA a little bit more often.  I've got my usual "Take the morning off, Ed," gig this month, covering the Jazz Cafe for Ed Blanco tomorrow from 7 to 9 am.  In the first hour, I'll be playing the customary mix of jazz, blues, and creative backbeats -- honoring birthday boys Anthony Braxton, Oliver Nelson, and Winard Harper, in particular.  In the second hour, I'll rummage through the CD stack of new releases; right now I'm looking at Bran Lynch, Marc Copland, Pablo Held, Majid Khaliq, David Binney, Landon Knoblock, Diane Schurr, Mark Rapp, and the "Merv Griffin of Russian-American entertainment," singer Oleg Frish.  Tune in, if you please.  And if you're in South Florida, it's time to stock up on batteries and canned meat.

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