Viewer's Notes - Square Grouper

The latest film from documentary director Billy Corben and the crew at Miami's own Rakontur films is now available for download and  on disk. Square Grouper demonstrates Corben's growth as a storyteller, this time in a triptych of tales concerning marijuana smuggling in South Florida during the 70s and 80s.  If you haven't yet seen Cocaine Cowboys (about the shoot 'em up Miami of the coke smugglers) or The U (about the explosion of talent and controversy that was the University of Miami football program in the 80s and 90s), you will still likely find fascinating Square Grouper's knack for telling the bigger story within the smaller story.  The "ganja cult" of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church was brought down, in part, by backlash against the counterculture; the Black Tuna Gang ran afoul of the "Just Say No" policies in Washington; the Everglades City smugglers were victims of the desperation brought about by the removal of their rights to fish.  All in all, these stories show the paranoia that has driven much of the anti-marijuana efforts in the United States.  Gorgeously shot, well-paced, and laced through-and-through with an excellent sense of humor, Square Grouper can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home.  For personal use only, download or purchase the film from Amazon, or, better yet, fire up Netflix and watch it right now.

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