James Cotton at South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center - 3/17

I'm up in chilly New England for a few days this week, but I'll be happy to get back to South Florida, my home, and my family for the weekend.  Even better, my best girl and I have a date to see James Cotton at the brand spanking new South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center, which is little more than five minutes from the house.  Lucky us.  If you don't know who Cotton is, you can check out his Wiki page or his artist page at Alligator Records.  My wife looked him up and said, "Holy s--t, he's from Tunica!" -- because she's from Mississippi, everybody: West Point.  At any rate, we'll be there, trying to eat a little food from Harvey's Smokehouse before the show.  Say hello if you spot us!

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