Sunday Time Warp - 3/11/12

Hey kids, don't forget to tune in this afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 pm for this week's Sunday Time Warp -- jazz, blues, and funk from all over the place.  On this show we've got some real old school blues, some real straight-ahead jazz from the 60s (Bu, Miles, Jimmy Smith), as well as the usual mix of creative backbeats.  If the pickings have been a little slim on Passing Notes of late, keep in mind that the Notes are a labor of love, and when civilian life gets busy (jobs, toddlers, pets, lawn care, cold care), sometimes a hiatus can creep up on a guy.  Have no fear, though, as it looks like routines have been retooled at the home office to provide sufficient time to return to our regular features: From the CD Stack, the Video Jukebox, and fresh Passing Notes.  Upcoming broadcasts and podcasts include comics artist Dan Clowes, Senator Bob Graham, Bobbie Ann Mason, and public radio legend Bob Edwards.  Stay tuned!

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