Five from Flavorwire's 100 New York Writers

In an impressive display of New York arrogance and New York prowess, Flavorwire rolled out a list of the 100 Most Important Living New York Writers.  As the article says, "New York has ever been the center of the American literary universe."  Okay, that's true.  Sigh.  But that can't help Flavorwire's annoying decision to format the list into a 100-page slideshow, so I hope you like clicking the NEXT button.  We here at Passing Notes would never do something like that.  We put pretty much everything in one place and keep the ads to a minimum.  You're welcome.

But I will coat-tail a bit here on Flavorwire's wardrobe.  Over the past few years, I've had a chance to talk to a few writers on the FNY100MILW list.  And they are, preceded by their ranking, slideshow free, links to the podcasts included. . .

4 - Salman Rushdie, talking about Luka and the Fire of Life

51 - Pete Hamill, talking about Deadline Artists and Tabloid City

56 - Alex Ross, talking about The Rest is Noise

81 - Karen Russell, talking about Swamplandia! and, from 2007, a text-only interview about her collection St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves

90 - Adrian Tomine, talking about Scenes from an Impending Wedding

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