Kiva, Kickstarter, Fiverr - When a Little Goes a Long Way

With so many people throwing around money on Black Friday (hiss!) and Small Business Saturday (hurray!), allow me to suggest a few more ways to spread your hard-earned cheese around.  Kiva is a microfinance organization committed to ending poverty around the world by making loans available to entrepreneurs in the developing world. For those who might like to help out the in the area of culture -- and perhaps a bit closer to home, Kickstarter is a platform that collects small donations to help fund creative projects; I was more than happy to kick in a little last year to fund the Harvey Pekar memorial in Cleveland.  And, if you're looking to get something back for your dollars, you might consider fiverr, an online marketplace that provides all kinds of cool services starting at $5 a pop.  Basically, anything that can be produced over the web -- logo for your soccer team, translation of Farsi into English, reading a script in the voice of Fake Patrick Stewart -- you can get cheap at fiverr.  Happy shopping -- and the money you spend here will make someone else happy too.

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