Reader's Notes - Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day

We're a family of readers.  My wife and I have a couple of young boys -- five and three years old -- and while the older one is starting to work his own way through simple books, the younger also enjoys sitting down and following the narrative in pictures from page to page.  They do that without much prompting from us, thank goodness.  And everyone loves to snuggle up together at bedtime and read a handful of favorites -- Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Gorilla, Goodnight Cujo, you name it.  All the more reason to mark Saturday, December 1 on your calendars as Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day.  Follow the link in the previous sentence for more description of the worldwide event, as well as a searchable map to find the nearest participating bookstore.  And when that quiet old lady says, "Hush," you hush!

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