Reader's Notes - Block Button Bind

I've written from time to time about the need for the United States to develop a more civil public discourse and to work more intentionally toward building consensus on many pressing issues.  I'm not alone, to be sure, even as the last presidential election has shown that the cable-news, political advertising, and social media can bring out the absolute worst in sectarian perspectives.  All the more encouraging, then, is a blog entry like Edward Champion's today at his Reluctant Habits.  In a thorough, thoughtful, and link-laden post, "Why the Block Button Encourages Fear and Threatens Community," Edward Champion examines the perils of contemporary media's capacity not just for giving us only the perspectives we prefer, but, with the "block" button, the ability to silence any voice that we might disagree with.  One shot and you're done, folks.  It's not sexy, people, but it's required reading, if you ask me.

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1 comment:

Johann Paine said...

Champion's post made for interesting reading.

I am amazed and dismayed by the number of people on Facebook who have unfriended me because of politics over the last few years. I value the opinions of all my friends, no matter how much I disagree or feel that they are just plain wrong. I enjoy debate, and life would be boring if everyone agreed with me.

If I blocked or unfriend everyone who has disagreed with me or offended me in some way, I would soon be friendless and lonely.

So many seem perfectly content living within their self-imposed bubbles. It is something that I do not understand.