Alumni Notes - Looking for Blong

In my mailbox this week arrived the latest alumni magazine from my alma mater, Amherst College. On its cover and in its pages one finds stories of graduates far more distinguished and noteworthy than I would consider my own work -- although that I do, occasionally, some things of distinction and note. Our class rep, Susan Banki, mentioned this blog as offering "regular posts," by which I can only assume she means "not very regular at all." I do my best of late to write -- in and around changing diapers being all husbandy and teaching full time. But now I suppose I will have to become a somewhat regular blogger. I owe as much to my classmates. Go Jeffs!

I promise I'll get into the swing of things, blogwise. Blog swing. Blong. That's your word of the day, free of charge. Anyway, best thing for you to do is sign up for the Passing Notes RSS feed.