On Hiatus

It's been a wonderful ten years of on and off reading, listening, learning, talking, and sharing here at the Passing Notes blog.  I am grateful as always to WDNA for the original chance way back at the end of 2005 -- particularly to Joe Cassara, Michael Valentine, Frank Consola, Howard Duperly, Maggie Pelleya, and the late Charlie Kaufman all for teaching me so much about radio.  Many thanks as well to Mitch Kaplan of Books and Books and to Lisa Palley of the Miami Book Fair for the opportunity to interview so many great writers over the years.  A supreme thanks to the legendary Bruce Campbell for being my first interview, and I am will always be grateful to the writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, critics, and the like whom I was able to get to know over the years.  Passing Notes may return -- who knows in what form and who knows when.  In the meantime, feel free to look through ten years of stuff.  I hope you find something you like and I hope you pay very close attention.  Remember, hardening of the categories leads to art disease.