Sunday Time Warp - Playlist 4/29/2012

Song, Artist, Album

Fire, Chris Coretz, Aunt Nasty
Big Eater, The Bad Plus , These Are The Vistas
Riding The Nuclear Tiger, Ben Allison and Medicine Wheel, Riding The Nuclear Tiger
Missouri Uncompromised, Pat Metheny, Bright Size Life
Caravan, Chris Cortez, Aunt Nasty
Mu, Sun Ra, Atlantis
Rhythm-A-Ning, Ben Riley's Monk Legacy Septet, Memories of T
First Gravy, Leon Spencer, Sneak Preview!

The Gumbo Variations, Frank Zappa, Hot Rats
You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had, Muddy Waters, Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues
King Harvest, The Band, The Band
Hoe-Down, Oliver Nelson, The Blues and The Abstract Truth
Welcome Back, Jared Gold, Supersonic
Iron City, Grant Green, Iron City
Chubb Sub, Medeski Martin and Wood, Friday Afternoon in the Universe
Aunt Nasty, Chris Cortez, Aunt Nasty
Freedom Jazz Dance, Brian Bromberg, Wood

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