Video Jukebox - Wil Blades

Our newest video jukebox features organist Wil Blades playing with his own trio and in the company of musicians like Billy Martin, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Stanton Moore, Will Bernard, Donald Harrison, Rez Abbasi, and more.  Wil Blades will be a featured guest on this weekend's Sunday Time Warp, and he'll be talking about his latest album, Field Notes.

Wil Blades


PN Unscripted - Frank Deford

In a recently unearthed and reconstructed interview, writer Frank Deford talks about his 2010 novel, Bliss, Remembered, Leni Riefenstahl, the various pleasures of writing, and the general state of sports.

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Bliss, Remembered
Deford's page at NPR
Deford's page at Sports Illustrated

Playlist - Sunday Time Warp 8/17/14

Song, Artist, Album

Kidney Stone, The Apples, Attention!
Last Beat, Nomo, Ghost Rock!
Everybody Boogaloo, Big Boss Man, Winner

Molar Melancholia, Chris Greene Quartet, Music Appreciation
The Moose Is Loose!, Chris Greene Quartet, Music Appreciation
Future Emperor of Evanston, Chris Greene Quartet, A Group Effort

Back Home Blues, Charles Mingus, Mingus Three
I Feel So Good (I Wanna Boogie), Magic Sam, West Side Soul
Ships On The Ocean, Junior Wells and Buddy Guy, Hoodoo Man Blues
Big Boss Man, Jimmy Reed, Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues
Red House, Jimi Hendrix, Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues
Just Won't Burn, Susan Tedeschi, Martin Scorcese Presents The Blues

I Want To Feel Good Pt 2, The Bad Plus, Made Possible
Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore, Harry Nilsson, Harry
Big Girls Don't Cry, Omaha Diner, Omaha Diner
Heart of the Sunrise, Wave Mechanics Union, Second Season
Freedom Jazz Dance, Brian Bromberg, Wood

Segment3 - Chris Greene

Saxophonist and composer Chris Greene leads his quartet with an open mind, lots of musical freedom, and an appetite for hard work.  He talks about the musical legacy of Chicago, how he runs his group, and teething.

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