Miami Book Fair - Talking and Tweeting

It's the time of year once again for the Miami Book Fair, which brings to down hundreds of writers, editors, booksellers, and publishers -- as well as thousands of readers and, most importantly, book-buyers.  If you're not in South Florida this weekend, you can usually check out coverage of Book Fair highlights on C-SPAN.  I have a full schedule of interviews to do, and will be stopping by the WDNA table from time to time.  I'm very pleased on Sunday to introduce a panel by the name of "Remembering Harvey Pekar," and I look forward to an interview with Pekar's widow Joyce Brabner.

I'll do my best to tweet whatever seems interesting from the fair, so if you'd like to know what's up from the world of Passing Notes, you can follow all the details on Twitter, @markehayes.

Hope to see you there!

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PN 175 - Chuck Palahniuk - 'Damned'

The author of 'Fight Club,' 'Choke," and 'Lullaby' talks about sending a little girl to hell in his new novel.

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Join Palahniuk's website, The Cult.
See the author at the Miami Book Fair.

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PN Podcast - Stick It In Your Head

Passing Notes has been podcasting in one form or another since 2006, when I contributed each week to Flak Magazine's audio content -- now available as FlakRadio.  After my infant-and-toddler-induced hiatus, I made the decision to return to work on the radio, on the web, and as a podcaster, leaving my previous life as a print freelancer behind.

At this point, I've got the technical dimensions of podcasting pretty much figured out, and I'm very pleased to announce that Passing Notes is now available through the excellent Stitcher platform.  With Stitcher, you can just download the app to your device of choice and listen.  For those of you still using iTunes for your podcasting needs, Passing Notes is there as well.

I'm planning to make much more audio available in the Passing Notes Unscripted format, which is a "lightly edited" version of the long interviews I have as part of producing the Friday radio show.  So, most weeks, you should be able to download the 5-minute radio feature, as well as a 20-40 minute extended interview a few days later.  Thanks for reading -- and listening!

If you want to support Passing Notes, as always, the most useful step you can take is to leave a review, provide a rating, or otherwise create some form of feedback for the podcast.  Much appreciated.

For a taste of things to come, here's a list of guests from past episodes, linked directly to the audio files. . .
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PN Unscripted - James Gleick - 'The Information'

Regrettably -- and perhaps ironically -- the interview I did with James Gleick, that is, the digital recording of the interview, has had its file structure corrupted to the point where I am unable to salvage it.  Trust me -- nobody is more frustrated than I am.  As a replacement for the interview, please accept my humble review of The Information, posted earlier in the year on Passing Notes.  Do not miss Gleick's appearance at the Book Fair this Saturday.

Listen to Gleick with Tom Ashbrook's On Point.
Visit Gleick's website, Bits in the Ether.
See Gleick at the Miami Book Fair.

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PN Unscripted - Dava Sobel - 'A More Perfect Heaven'

Award-winning science writer Dava Sobel discusses her new book exploring the life and work of Copernicus -- as well as her earlier works Longitude and Galileo's Daughter.

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Visit Sobel's website.
See the author at the Miami Book Fair.

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Playlist - Jazz Cafe 11/13

Here's a list (and covers) of the books I mentioned on this morning's broadcast.

Norman Granz: The Man Who Used Jazz for Justice, Tad Hershorn

Clark: The Autobiography of Clark Terry, Clark Terry with Gwen Terry

Nica's Dream: The Life and Legend of the Jazz Baroness, David Kastin

Willie Dixon: Preacher of the Blues, Mitsutoshi Inaba

Preachin' the Blues: The Life and Times of Son House, Daniel Beaumont

Mississippi John Hurt: His Life, His Times, His Blues, Philip R. Ratcliffe

And below is a full list of the music played this morning, as well.  Thanks to those who tuned in!

Song, Artist, Album

Our Love Is Here To Stay, Kayla Taylor, You'd Be Surprised
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Alex Lopez, We Can Take This Boat
Pretty Ugly, Axel's Axiom, Uncommon Sense
Ghost Riders in the Sky, Ryan Davidson Trio, Ryan Davidson Trio
Booker's Waltz, Carol Morgan Quartet, Blue Glass Music
Mood Indigo, Matt Baker, Underground
Just Desserts, Emmet Cohen, In The Element
La Mulata Rumbera, Mark Weinstein, El Cumbanchero
Nica's Dream, Stan Getz, Voices
Panonnica, Thelonious Monk, Thelonious Alone in San Francisco
Frankie, Mississippi John Hurt, Martin Scorcese Presents the Blues
Death Letter Blues, Son House, Martin Scorcese Presents the Blues
Built for Comfort, Howlin' Wolf, His Best
Makin' Whoopie, Ben Webster, Soulville
I Get a Kick Out of You, Ella Fitzgerald, The Cole Porter Songbook
Mumbles, Oscar Peterson Trio with Clark Terry, Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One
Donna Lee, Clark Terry Quintet, Serenade to a Bus Seat

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