Miami Book Fair - Talking and Tweeting

It's the time of year once again for the Miami Book Fair, which brings to down hundreds of writers, editors, booksellers, and publishers -- as well as thousands of readers and, most importantly, book-buyers.  If you're not in South Florida this weekend, you can usually check out coverage of Book Fair highlights on C-SPAN.  I have a full schedule of interviews to do, and will be stopping by the WDNA table from time to time.  I'm very pleased on Sunday to introduce a panel by the name of "Remembering Harvey Pekar," and I look forward to an interview with Pekar's widow Joyce Brabner.

I'll do my best to tweet whatever seems interesting from the fair, so if you'd like to know what's up from the world of Passing Notes, you can follow all the details on Twitter, @markehayes.

Hope to see you there!

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