Guest Host - Jazz Cafe

     It's time once again for me to cover Ed Blanco's Jazz Cafe program on Sunday morning from 7-9 am, and as usual I'll be playing a mix of jazz, blues, and creative backbeats in the first hour, followed by some of the new music that's come to the Passing Notes home office somewhere in suburban South Florida.  Also, after a little time away from the blog to devote a yeoman's effort to my civilian job, this week PN returns with a full slate of music reviews, a video jukebox, and whatever else happens to come along.
     If I might also make a strong suggestion that you become a member and supporter of WDNA here in the South Florida market.  With serious budget cuts coming for public radio on the federal, state, and local level, WDNA, Miami's community radio station, needs your pledges.  Basic membership starts at $50 -- and it's tax deductible!

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